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Drips Liquid Highlighter

Platinum Haze
 -  Platinum Sparkle
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DRIPS is our high-performance face + body luminizing serum where you control the power of your glow.

This natural antioxidant powerhouse is infused with shine-reflecting minerals and Organic oils from Grapeseed, Apricot, Hempseed, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, and Shea Butter to give your skin a more luminous and youthful appearance for a healthy and radiant glow.

The delightful fresh rose fragrance smells heavenly too.

100% Clean, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free Always |  Made in USA

Net Wt. 23.5 grams / .82 Oz

Use within 6 months of opening.


DRIPS can be directly applied to your cheekbones, eyes, lips, decollete, shoulders, and anywhere intense luminosity is desired. DRIPS can also be cocktailed with your foundation, body lotions, and skincare for a more subtle all over head-to-toe radiance.



Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil*, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil*, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil*, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil*, Rosa Moschata (Rosehip) Seed Oil*, Mica, Coconut Alkanes, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Lauroyl Lysine, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Silica, Rosa Damascena (Natural Rose Fragrance) Flower Oil. May Contain (+/-): Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Iron Oxides (CI77491) (CI77492) (CI77499), Tin Oxide (CI77861). * Organic Ingredient


Recommended 👍 02/20/2023

Wow skin

Few things feel as good as having really luminous skin!! It’s been hard to find an all-over highlighter that looks subtle, but this fills that role for me. Gorgeous touch to any beauty routine to get that really WOW wow wow skin. A keeper for sure :)

- Tara H.

Recommended 👍 02/16/2023

Little Goes a Lon Way

Love this so much. First, overall packaging is high quality. Secondly, smells soooo good! Just started using it this week and I am very impressed by the consistency and color. This product definitely is the perfect balance of dewy finish without being sticky (which I’ve found was the common issue with other dewy products). It glides on, is buildable— which I love because I’m a dry/combination skin gal. Will be using this a lot, but a little goes a LONG way as far as this product! It’s good for quick on the go coverage and also for mixing with my current foundation! Love it

- Annie G.

Recommended 👍 01/30/2023

best base

I use as a base layer for that lit from within glow and then go back to highlight the usual point after finishing the rest of my face. It provides a beautiful finish that looks natural and dewy. Feels so light on, makes my skin feel refreshed all day, never dries out. Have been using for a year now and will never let myself run out, I've introduced to many people and have only heard praise from them as well.

- Jacquline A.

Recommended 👍 01/27/2023

Great under SPF

I love this stuff! It's gorgeous on its own, leaves me glowing and moisturized, and really mixable. I apply this after my skincare and before my tinted moisturizer or foundation. If I don't feel like putting any makeup on, I'll apply this and my spf. It's really worth trying!

- Jamie L.


Perfect NYE

This product was awesome for NYE. I love, love, love this product. Gives an amazing glow exactly to my liking! I use it all over my face under foundation when I want to make an extra effort. When i am rushing i just pat it on over my make up anywhere i want some glow (cheekbones, etc). Love, love, love!

- Colleen T.

Recommended 👍 12/13/2022

All over highlighter

This is the all-over highlighter I spent years searching for! It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It gives the most gorgeous glow - not sparkle or glitter as so many others do. It's the effect you see in the photos in fashion and beauty magazines. I will NEVER be without this product.

- Alexis R.

Recommended 👍 11/28/2022

Best I knew

This is the best product I never knew I needed. I have in both shades and go back and forth on which I like more. I love wearing alone on days where I want less coverage but still something to feel put together. Such a subtle glow with no "glitter" effect. Very pretty and natural. On other days I will mix with foundation or SPF and they combine super well for light coverage with a little something extra!

- Meghan W.

Recommended 👍 11/05/2022

Great highlighter

Such a great highlighter but my favorite way to use this is as a base! I have both colors and either mix 1 pump directly into tinted moisturizer or apply alone before. I sometimes dot this around my brow bone for added highlight. Blends like a dream and is so breathable. I love the subtle glow it gives!

- Jill C.

Recommended 👍 10/13/2022

best highlight

Love love love this product! It’s my go to everyday no makeup makeup product. It provides a beautiful glow & a boost of hydration. I love it! It’s a must have. I do have, acne prone skin & this doesn’t irritate or trouble my skin. It does have a strong floral fragrance on initial application (doesn’t bother me) , but fades away.

- Hillary L.

Recommended 👍 09/16/2022

Frosted Skin

This liquid highlighter is the perfect highlighter to add on your high points! It's an oil based highlight, so is not too subtle but also not overpowering. I also like to add a pump to my tinted moisturizer to get a sheer finish -- this combination gives a beautiful bright glow to your skin. I love the pump and frosted glass packaging

- Brittany M.

Recommended 👍 09/09/2022

Silky Smooth

Amazing product! Goes on so silky and smooth when applying and adds just the right amount of radiance. The glass bottle makes it feel super luxurious.

- Grace D.

Recommended 👍 08/21/2022

Dewy Fresh

I’m a huge fan of the Platinum Haze but Royal Highness is a game changer for that summer time glow! I mix it with my face oil and apply it all over or mix it with my foundation for the extra hydration and glow with SPF. Dewy & fresh without feeling heavy or sticky.

- Olga P.

Recommended 👍 08/12/2022

No sparkle all shine

Love this is in glass packaging. This highlighter looks so good with my other products. It applies smoothly. Just dewy and fresh which is exactly what I was looking for that doesn’t look like I’m sparkling. Clean and high quality ingredients. That little extra step that makes my makeup look THAT much better. Sometimes I will just wear without makeup too. Try it out!

- Sadie A.

Recommended 👍 08/06/2022

Goddess skin

Royal Highness is a lovely golden shade. Soft, elegant and makes my skin look so radiant and healthy. It's impressive what a little shimmer can do for the skin.

- Hillary C.

Recommended 👍 07/13/2022

Stuck Pump

I thought this highlighter was expensive but then saw the ingredients. It's wonderful to see organic ingredients in products. The pump did get stuck but I prefer to dab it then to pump it anyway. The sheen it leaves is so nice and dewey. I goes on and rubs in very well. Gives a very natural glow.

- Erica T.

Recommended 👍 06/19/2022

Beautiful Oil

Not sure how to describe this product. I would say it's a very concentrated oil with shimmer. I do like this very much it adds nice dimension to my face and body. The oil can be mixed with lotion which I usually do for my body and keep it more concentrated for my highlight.

- Sonia D.

Recommended 👍 06/03/2022

Mix well before use

This is a gorgeous and very concentrated serum. A must have for pool parties. Love to mix it with my SPF and adds a soft shimmery glow. Just make sure to mix well before use.

- Nadia R.

Recommended 👍 05/31/2022

Always keep a bottle with me

As a model I keep a bottle in my travel makeup bag. A little goes a long way and makes my skin nice and glowy. Also perfect for those "no makeup, makeup days". Smells great too!

- Jennifer C.

Recommended 👍 05/26/2022

the best skin luminizer

I am a makeup artist switching over to cleaner products. DRIPS is a big hit with my clients especially brides. It gives the most perfect touch of shimmer and photographs beautifully. I also use for red carpet events and it makes such a difference.

- Christy T.

Recommended 👍 05/16/2022

perfect glow

The perfect glow and I love the organic ingredients. I use this every day on my cheeks and collar bone. It give a healthy, fresh look. I often get told I'm glowing. Bottle last forever!!!

- Tessa S.

Recommended 👍 05/05/2022

Glowing Skin is In

I am new to liquid luminizers but can I tell you how much I love this! I've used it two ways. First as a moisturizer under my foundation and second just highlight areas on my cheekbones, nose, and forehead. Places you want to highlight! I apply with a brush and or fingertip. So smooth and pretty! Now part of my everyday routine. Skin looks dull without it.

- Tracie H.

Recommended 👍 04/21/2022

perfect highlighter

DRIPS provide the perfect amount of highlight on your skin - not too much, or glittery either. So glad I found this as this is not something I would normally try.

- Gloria T.

Recommended 👍 03/27/2022

A little goes a long way

I don't know why I bought this, I think because I never tried an organic beauty brand before but I did want to try it for some reason and the packaging is so damn pretty. I LOVE everything about it and use if for EVERYTHING! A little goes a long way so expect this to LAST! I am still finding more ways to use this product but it doesn't disappoint. It is an oil based product and will stain if not applied neatly so be mindful if applying when wearing expensive swimwear! xo

- Angelica R.

Recommended 👍 03/12/2022

Your highlight will never be the same again

If you haven't used a highlighting serum before I must tell you. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! When I use this under my makeup, it gives the perfect base for a healthy glow. The Gold shade is so soft and divine. It's so natural too but makes a difference in my skin. I love the fragrance as well. It's nice and invigorating.

- Belize R.

Recommended 👍 02/22/2022

Love this on date night

I wore this on my date night and the first thing my SO said to me was "you must be happy to see me because you are glowing!!" I didn't have the heart to tell him it was this product LOL!

- Brigette D.

Recommended 👍 02/16/2022

Beautiful highlighter

This is a little more than I wanted to spend on a highlighter but it last a long time. It smells so good and looks beautiful on my vanity. Love the glass packaging and the performance is very easy to apply. Bottle last a long time so I guess it's worth it's value.

- Dahlia V.


This oil stains

I really like this product but hate the pump applicator. It gets clogged and sometimes when I pump it squirts out more than I want and I feel I am wasting so much product. I would give a better review if this was in better packaging.

- Aimee A.


Very Nice Shimmer

I like this more than I thought I would. Smell is very nice and I mix it with my lotion. Gives me a nice shimmer to my body.

- Daphine T.

Recommended 👍 01/02/2022

Gorgeous Glow

This gave me the perfect gorgeous glow I needed for NYE! Everyone kept asking me what perfume I was wearing but I was just wearing this! :)

- Hailey S


Amazing Ingredients

This is a WONDERFUL serum. I have both shades and the ingredients are what sold me. I love the floral scent as well. Would recommend.

- Samira G


So Pretty!

Honestly I didn't know why I bought this but very happy. The payoff IS SOOO INTENSE and PIGMENTED. It caught me off guard. After emailing the company they explained this is for Face AND body. I just assumed it was for the face. I have been mixing with my daily lotion to give my skin a nice glow and have been getting many compliments. I would love to see more colors. The Gold is my favorite for everyday. The silver has more sparkles and great for evening.

- Mariah W.



DRIPS are awesome. A little bit goes such a long way. I have been using this everyday for the past few weeks and it still is very full the bottle. I dab it on my cheeks and collarbone. I have tried it as an eyeshadow but found it creases on the eyes. Everywhere else it was so nice and left a nice soft floral fragrance. I love this highlighter.

- Paloma B.


Such a gorgeous glow

Surprised this products isn't getting as much recognition as the others. I rarely wear makeup and liked this product because it was more skincare with a touch of shimmer. I wasted so much in the beginning because I didn't realize how pigmented it is. I don't use the pump it squirts out too much product. I just unscrew the cap and used a little from the pump to dab it on my face. Its a very unique product and perfect for people like me who do not wear a lot of makeup but still want to add a little something extra to their skincare routine.

- Talia S.

Recommended 👍 09/06/2021

Great Formula

I really love this highlighter. A little bit goes a very long way.

- Beth D.


Squirted Everywhere

The pump doesn't work and the product spilt everywhere.

- Quinn P.


My favorite

My favorite thing about this formula is how versatile it is. Thought I was only going to use it as a highlighter for my face but I use it with my body lotion and it gives me a really nice yummy glow. I would love to see a bigger bottle of this.

- Jacqui P.



I was seeking a clean liquid highlighter. Was using Cover FX similar price, but this are waaaaaaay better. They smell soooo good too.

- Jewels C.


Love the Smell

The silver leaves a very nice shimmer but sometimes it is too much. I like the gold one it is more subtle.

- Gina F.



Nice formula, does rub off on on clothes so be careful.

- Paige L.


Little long way

One dab of this goes a long way. I can't use the pump because too much product comes out. I have to unscrew the top and dab with my finger. I wish these came in smaller bottles. But 5 stars because I love the product!

- Dana Z.



I have both drips and love them. The gold more than the silver but both are beautiful! I would love to see this in a sheer pink formula so I can add to my face moisturizer. AWESOME GLOW!

- Mia O.


The best

This is a great glow serum. Not too much not too little, blends in well.

- Greta T.

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