Discover the SUNDANCE Palette from our Amplified Eyeshadows collection, where long-wear meets nature's best.

Did you know our Amplified Eyeshadows can also be used as an eyeliner with a damp brush? Get the most beautifully bold, vibrant, and long lasting eyeshadows in clean beauty

Amplify your Eyes

Remember those sun-soaked summer days, biting into a juicy apricot and feeling its sweetness drip down your chin?

Meet 'DRIPS', where every drop tells a tale of apricot's wonders. 🍑 Brimming with vitamins, offering deep hydration, and doubling as a luminizer for that ethereal glow - it's the magic of apricot oil, distilled into every drop. Intrigued by the glow-up story your skin could tell? ✨ Illuminate with DRIPS Now 💜

Drip in Glow