Johnny Concert embodies a safe, clean, ethical lifestyle and is committed to developing innovative high-performance cosmetics for those who do not want to compromise to feel fabulous. Our makeup is designed to inspire and create looks enhancing what makes us already beautiful infusing natural and organic plant-based ingredients, radiating both inner and outer beauty.

In 2005, Johnny Concert co-creator Joanna Christina (Joxtina) was serving an internship with ELLE Magazine when she realized there was a real problem with the beauty industry. Most of the products she sampled contained many carcinogens – not to mention they were tested on animals. The clean beauty movement hadn’t taken hold, and there weren’t many options. She had to solve the problem herself.

She partnered with creative director Matt Baggiani, and the pair went on to create a 100% Vegan, Clean, and Cruelty Free line beloved by those who want products that exude caring and consciousness. From biodegradable glitter to eco-friendly packaging, Johnny Concert is forever pushing the envelope of clean, compassionate high-quality beauty forward.